Our Consultancy services cover the following:

Security Systems (Access control, CCTV, intrusion detection) need to be designed to meet each user's unique requirements if they are to provide comprehensive accountability. As security consultants we help your organization, the security managers, facility managers and engineers achieve that accountability. We help ensure that the installations are to the right standards, to suit the valid mobility of staff, contractors and visitors, to provide appropriate asset protection and to advise on appropriate responses.

We help you with:

  • Risk & threat assessment (campus, buildings, networks & systems)
  • Strategies and scoping documents for development and implementation of large integrated systems
  • Project & contractual management
  • Security system specifications: physical, electronic, operational control rooms, computers, emergency and standby power
  • Systems design & testing of the Integrated systems (access control, CCTV, intruder, perimeter, locking, fire, building alarms, remote sites etc.)
  • Market research on security products
  • Smart Homes


IP Networking Infrastructure The IP networking is the foundation of the Integrated Security systems. Our goal is to design a system that is flexible enough to permit changes and upgrades without disrupting productivity. We will help ‘future proof’ your investment in the IP networking infrastructure that will meet the voice, data, and security requirements.




Analog and IP Telephony including Contact Centre solutions. Our expertise will help you to design and procure a solution that is appropriate for your business needs.

Our consulting services position your company to take advantage of the rapidly expanding communications choices. Business goals of making quicker decisions, getting closer to the customer, and increasing productivity are directly tied to obtaining the proven results of using new communications technologies.

We specialize in linking telephone systems and services to your information systems to: improve customer service; reduce customer response time; increase direct links with suppliers and customers; shorten design, manufacturing, and delivery times; and enhance internal communications.


Training We provide training in Integrated Security Technology and Management.

This training is relevant for users, purchasers, providers and manufacturers in the field of security technology and gives a holistic knowledge for a better understanding.

This training is of benefit and interest to:

  • Chief Security Officers, Heads of Security, Security Officers and Supervisors
  • Technical support personnel including the IT team that supports the network
  • Officers (even non-technical) who are involved in selection / purchase of Security systems
  • Architects




Our Philosophy

“Top down” and “Bottom up” approach in reviewing how your business operates and the processes you are using.

We brainstorm by asking how you would like to operate your business. We then use our knowledge of current and future technologies and services to offer suggestions that help stimulate the discussion. The goal is to improve on how you run your business, often by improving how you communicate internally and with prospects, customers and suppliers, instead of just “automating” current practices.

We take your business perspective.

Vendors are very centric about selling their own product or service. We take a broader view for you. Our approach has worked well for clients willing to invest in consulting to obtain the greatest value for their money. Cost avoidance and cost savings obtained from our consulting could far exceed our clients’ investment in our services.

We make it easy for you to discover the benefits of using the latest technologies.

We analyze and determine the real business advantages, not just “technology promises”, that apply to your specific business, so you can derive competitive advantages from the most effective solutions. With today’s confusion of service providers and equipment vendors, as our client you can rely on us to understand your specific needs. We create comprehensive plans that show how all your  voice, data, video surveillance pieces and access control systems fit together to meet business objectives. In this way, we guide you in viewing your systems as a strategic resource.

Customer Segments

  • Commercial and University Campuses
  • Data Centres
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office Blocks
  • Gated residential complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Malls and shopping complexes
  • Ports
  • Government Buildings